Cements & Coatings - Aluminum Coating - Solvent

Fibered - 5 gal - TRI-BUILT Fibered Aluminum Exterior Coating can be used to coat properly prepared smooth surface asphalt built-up, metal and modified bitumen membranes.TRI-BUILT Fibered Aluminum Exterior Coating produces a bright aluminum roof surface which reflects damaging ultraviolet sunrays.
Non Fibered - 5 gal - TRI-BUILT Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating can be used on barns, homes, garages, offices, industrial buildings, and factories.The types of roof systems included for application can be built-up asphalt,smooth-surfaced Modified Bitumen membranes,prepared roll roofing,weathered galvanized iron and tin. Not recommended over flood coats or glaze coats of asphalt for one year after application. Not recommended over fibered roof coatings for one year.